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Chad and Wendy are a happily married couple living in a city just like the one you live in. Unfortunately, their lives are disrupted when they are both kidnapped by a madman and taken to his underground torture chamber. Chad and Wendy must work together to survive and find a way to escape.


Carl Heinze (Chad) and Kimi Taylor (Wendy) between takes


PREMEDITATED is the first movie made entirely in South Dakota and it was made with only local talent. It was filmed in Yankton, Vermillion, and Sioux Falls. Premeditated was written and directed by Rob Odell and is based on real case histories. There were no crew members other than the cast. Rob Odell, Carl Heinze, and Dylan Jost took turns operating the camera depending on who was on screen. The music score was supplied by Yurina Shin, courtesy of imusicrain.com.

The filmmaker was pleased with the cast he recruited.

“Carl Heinze was the most experienced and had more training,” said Odell, “When Dylan Jost came in for auditions, I knew he was perfect for the part and I had a feeling he could be an A-list actor. Kimi Taylor did a great job with a difficult role and went out of her way to do everything she could to help.”

PREMEDITATED played to full house of appreciative moviegoers when the film had a special screening at a theater in Yankton SD, where most of the movie was shot.

Carl Heinze (Chad) and Rob Odell (Eric) during a break in filming



Carl Heinze
Rob Odell
Kimi Taylor
Dylan Jost
Brian Siefkin
Andy Henrickson
Natalie Polisson
Gabrielle Cross
Jaki Thomas
Scott Cook



Rob Odell is not only the writer and director of PREMEDITATED, but also one of the lead actors and the cinematographer. Having made short films in college, Rob was confident he could complete a feature film outside the studio system.

“I wrote a story that involved the resources we had available,” said Odell, “I used ingenuity instead of money to fix problems.”

He posted flyers at local colleges and businesses to garner auditions. The movie was shot on weekends according to when the actors were available. After shooting was completed, Rob edited the film himself.

Rob Odell is an artist and painter as well as a filmmaker. He served in the U.S. Army infantry and attended the University of South Dakota in Vermillion.

Rob menaces Kimi with a knife


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